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*International Sericultural Commission (ISC): www.inserco.org
* "Equipment for Silk Handcrafts Cottage Industries" : http://www.fao.org/inpho/isma? i=INPhO&m=library&p=SimpleSearchForm&lang=en
* Websites for genetical stocks of Bombyx mori and mulberry
Bombyx mori genome and EST sequences
Via NCBI :
* Silkworms in a shoebox: Journey to Forever Silkworm Cocoon Discovery Kit : http://journeytoforever.org/edu_silk_worm.html
* Despair and hope that of the 400,000 persons employed in the rearing of silkworms : http://www.flonnet.com/fl1801/18010700.htm
* School projects and information : http://www.silkworm-supplies.co.uk/indexeduc.html
* Silk reeling and testing manual. Chapter 2
*CSRTI, Mysore, India: http://www.csrtimys.res.in
* Ministry of Textiles , India : http://texmin.nic.in/annualrep/ar00_c08.htm
*Association Uzbek Ipagi: www.uzbekipagi.com
*Kojabirlik sericultural cooperative, Turkey : www.kozabirlik.com.tr
*Commercial society "Sericarom", Romania: http://www.sericarom.go.ro/EN/index.html 
*Silk handcrafts:
Silk dressed dolls: http://www.andriyana.com/ 
Sericulture Museums:
Georgian State Silk Museum: www.silkmuseum.ge 




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