Brief summary about sericulture in Kazakhstan: The sericulture is a traditional branch of agriculture in Kazakhstan . Rapid development of industrial production of cocoons in Kazakhstan began in the middle of 1980th years where the general area of mulberry plantation has reached up to 1863 hectares , thus producing about 200-300 t fresh cocoon/year . In total the number of mulberry trees has made 3389 thousand pieces. And total gathering of mulberry leaves in the favorable years has reached 6962 tons . One of the reasons resulted in a present critical sericulture condition in Kazakhstan is the absence of any silk reeling facilities . This problem till now is not solved.

The h opes for self-organizing of sericultural industry after elimination of state regulation and management were not justified. Therefore it is necessary to restore the state vertical management of branch, having recreated the structure responsible for sericulture in the Ministry of Agriculture of Republic.

Under orders of the Ministry of Agriculture for formation of the research program on sericulture for 2006-2008 two themes which are prepared will be financed from the republican budget.

The basic purpose of strategy to sericulture development will reveal existing and potential facilities and subjects of high-yielding zoned varieties of mulberry tree occupying with cultivation and deep processing of silk cocoons and creation of a complex of the interconnected modern manufactures, capable to raise and process up to 15 thousand tons of fresh silk cocoons /year . Also definition of the legal, economic and organizational forms allowing to uni fy in a uniform industrial chain of the enterprise irrespective of patterns of ownership and industrial purpose is very essential .

More significant raise in sericultural production it is possible only after the introduction into operational age of new plantings. By using the existing mulberries it will allow to reach in 2008 a level of production similar with those at the beginning of 19 80th years, and by 2010, after the introduction into operational age of the new mulberry plantings of 2005-2006 to reach up to 600 tons of fresh cocoons annually, that corresponds with about 100 t raw silk or 0.7 million meters of silk fabric .


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